• Your Health Care Choices – PrivateHealth.gov.au

    Your Health Care Choices – PrivateHealth.gov.au0

    Transcript 00:04 when it comes to your health it’s always 00:07 good to have all the facts so let us 00:09 take a moment to look at the main 00:10 differences between public and private 00:13 health care in Australia public health 00:16 care which includes Medicare is provided 00:18 to all Australians and permanent

  • Health Insurance : How to Pass the Life & Health Insurance Exam

    Health Insurance : How to Pass the Life & Health Insurance Exam0

    Transcript 00:00 hello my name is Vic Schumacher the 00:02 company is HPE financial services for 00:05 those people who are interested in 00:06 turning and learning how to pass a 00:09 health insurance or life insurance exam 00:11 my suggestion to you is contact the 00:14 state where you live have them send to

  • Hopscotching Through the Healthcare System – Health Yourself Guide0

    Transcript 00:00 what are the dangers of just 00:02 hopscotching through the system like 00:03 that so of like off something spiked and 00:05 my sugars or whatever like inflammation 00:07 of this or what is the danger of just 00:10 going into walkins and and having that 00:13 inconsistent person treating you 00:15 problems

  • What is a Healthcare Navigator – Health Yourself Guide

    What is a Healthcare Navigator – Health Yourself Guide0

    Transcript 00:00 can you just explain to me a little bit 00:01 about what is a healthcare navigator and 00:04 what brought you to this point in your 00:05 career sure absolutely 00:07 so a healthcare navigator is much more 00:10 than just GPS Inge we’re educators and 00:14 we’re also advocates as well what

  • What healthcare will look like in 2020 | Stephen Klasko | TEDxPhiladelphia0

    Transcript 00:00 Translator: TED Translators admin Reviewer: Queenie Lee 00:11 Well, I want to thank you all for coming, 00:13 and especially the people that came from outside of Philadelphia 00:16 that hovered over here; 00:18 especially those of you that time-traveled from other decades and times. 00:21 I’m Steve Klasko. 00:23 I’m the CEO

  • Health Insurance and Mental Health: A Guide to Mental Health Benefits0

    Transcript 00:08 as Americans we are now more in control 00:12 of choosing our health insurance 00:14 coverage but it seems like the options 00:16 are as overwhelming as they are endless 00:18 the Affordable Care Act’s mental health 00:21 parity and addiction Equity Act requires 00:23 private health insurance plans to 00:25 provide equal